8 Tips To Improve Your Balance And Stability From The Rockettes

This is such good advice we had to pass it along. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced dancer, having good stability and balance enables you to move through your motions more quickly and fluidly. While it looks easy, your base of support constantly changes when you’re dancing—whether you’re standing en relevé or en arabesque penché. […]

Should you buy new shoes for recital?

The age old question is: “Should I buy new shoes for the recital or try to get by with the ones that are too small?” I guess I have one response that is what you would expect for obvious reasons. Of course you should buy new shoes. It’s not just because I want to sell […]

New Tap Shoes

Recently there have been some new additions in the tap shoe world. Capezio will be releasing their new TapSonic tap shoe in November. I previewed a demonstration of the Tapsonic and it looked and sounded great. Capezio chose to have the demonstration on a marley floor to highlight it’s ability to be heard. Since there […]

Why You Should Visit Flying D Dancewear To Fit Your Shoes

Just as street shoes vary from brand to brand, dance shoes can also vary in even more challenging ways.  In addition to the usual characteristics that cause shoes to fit differently; dancers need to make sure that their shoes will fit properly so, they can maximize their performance. Many dance shoes are still European sized […]

How to wash you dance and gymnastic apparel

Make sure you wash separately.  Zippers on jeans are especially damaging to dance and gym wear. Wash inside out separately in a large volume of cold water on gentle cycle.  Must use a very mild liquid detergent.  Do not use bleach, harsh or granular detergents, Woolite or liquid fabric softner.  Remove immediately from wash and […]

How to sew ribbons and elastic on pointe shoes

Marking Pointe Shoes for Ribbon Placement To begin, put your pointe shoe on the table in front of you so that the toe faces away from you, and the heel is closest to you.  Put two fingers on the center of the heel material, and fold the heel down so that it touches the insole […]